The Broad is Back!

The Ugliness Starts

Well, we had a good two weeks there–lots of celebration about the results of the election, lots of smiles, pundits telling us that America’s race wounds are healing.  Yeah, they are, but there’s some sepsis in the wounds, so the healing isn’t all it should be.

Yesterday’s news was full of stories of ugliness and hate.  Many people, myself included, have to wonder what the future brings.  We hope for the best, but I must admit, I’m prepared for the worst.  The absolute worst.  I hear people whispering “1968” as a stark reminder.  As we remember, that was not a good year in America–it was the year that, among other disasters, cost us Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy.

In Sweden, there’s something called “November sickness”.  For Swedes, November is the cruelest month–dark, cold, far from the warmth of summer and the light of Christmas celebrations.  No one is happy in November.  Depression stakes its claim on people, and even the heartiest souls succumb to an almost universal glumness.  Perhaps that’s what’s striking me and the others I speak with.  Perhaps that’s what’s at the root of all the ugliness.  Perhaps.

Some claim that this darkness I’m feeling is actually “campaign withdrawal,” but I don’t think so.  I’ve been sick of this campaign for a long time, and it actually hijacked this blog, which is supposed to be about cultural issues.  For months it’s been a political diatribe.  I want to get back to what I was hoping to focus on when Election 2008 so rudely interrupted.  And I was all ready to move on when yesterday’s news reports grabbed me in the gut and wouldn’t let go.

It’s not so much the threats against Obama himself.  They are terrible, but they were to be expected.  It’s the cross burning, vandalism, beatings and threats that people are making, the ignorance they are espousing that is disgusting me.  I want to shake people and yell, “Wake up!  There is one race–the human race.  Get over yourselves!”  Then I laugh at myself.  That would sure be effective, eh?

On the other hand, the news reports that there have been “hundreds” of incidents.  In a country of 305 million people, hundreds isn’t that bad, really.  Unless, of course, the cross is burning on your front lawn.  But I have to ask, is it just the media stirring things up?  Not really.  The numbers have gone up since the election, but perhaps once the idiots get things out of their system, it will all die down.  One can hope.

No real point here.  Just anguish about the state of our nation.  Some people are so miserable that all they’ve got is their hate.  That’s not what America is supposed to be about, but even American optimism can’t overcome human nature.


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