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January 29, 2014

Thank You, Mr. Seeger

“I love my country very dearly, and I greatly resent the implication that some of the places that I have sung and some of the people that I have known, and some of my opinions, whether they are religious or philosophical, make me less of an American.” ~ Pete Seeger

America lost one of its greats this week with the passing of Pete Seeger. Not everyone will agree with me, but many of us who criticize government policies and social mores have heard the same criticism as the one he comments on in this quote.   Knowing that we we in the company of someone like Pete Seeger made it a little easier.


But criticism never shut up Pete Seeger. He fought for a more equal, just and fair America since he was a teen singing around the country during the Depression until the very last year of his long and productive life.


Politics aside, Seeger also played an important role in keeping folk music alive in America. Folks songs are an important part of a culture, and thanks to the efforts of people like Seeger, much of our heritage has been saved.


When I lived in Europe, I would often give one of Pete Seeger’s children’s albums to new parents to give them something “American” to celebrate their child’s birth. I was given one when my son was born, and we wore that tape thin singing together in the car.

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