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February 11, 2017

Spineless Wonders

Every day I read the news, incredulous at the members of my government. I’m also heartbroken that party is more important than our beloved country. When are the 535 members of the United States Congress going to grow spines?

A few have chosen to use their voices and their votes to challenge the insanity, but sadly, that’s mostly on party lines, and the Democrats are in the minority.

But don’t the Republicans see that we’re in danger of being destroyed? They can’t be as stupid as they seem to be, can they?

I’m not a member of any political party but I admire members of most parties. When I see men and women who I thought had a measure of integrity blithely rubber stamping obviously unqualified people for Cabinet positions, my faith in our leadership dips ever lower.

When Senator McCain, a man whose integrity I’ve never questioned, approved Betsy DeVos, my heart cracked a bit more. That woman is going to tear down what’s left good in American education. And if you’re a regular reader of mine, you know that I don’t think much of American education at all.thanks mostly in part to federal interference.

The administration in today’s White House leaves me speechless. It is not only inept and amateurish in the most negative meaning of that word, it is either woefully ignorant of American law and government structure or so megalomaniacal that it truly believes that it is above the law. And I’m not just looking at the chief executive. I’m looking at all of them.

Why is this happening? That’s rhetorical because I have no answer.
We have a totally unqualified White Supremacist as chief strategist who also now sits on the National Security Council. Then there’s a Counselor to the president who is so insecure that she broke federal law to curry favor. She’s also world’s worst liar. By that I don’t mean that she lies a lot, though she does. I mean that she is bad at lying. I could tell a lie better when I was 12 years old. She seems to have no idea that the Internet forgets nothing.

To be fair, though, neither does her boss.

We have a National Security Advisor who seems to be in bed with Russia (and I bet you dollars to donuts is now the designated fall guy for the rest of the administration. What are the odds he’s the one who gets tried for treason?)

Then there’s a Secretary of State who has a conflict of interest that’s mind-blowing. He was plucked for this grueling job from his last as the chief executive of the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, Exxon. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen to our Middle Eastern relations as well as relations with other oil-producing countries. There was contention at his confirmation hearing, sure, but not one Republican voted against him. Not one could see how this could damage our foreign policy not to mention our international reputation.

Our proposed secretary of the interior thinks climate change is nothing to worry about, and the energy secretary pick opposes the entire department.

Things are insane and the 535 men and women who are step one in the checks and balances system our government are too entrenched in party politics or maybe too rich and complacent thanks to lobbyists’ money, to do anything truly constructive about it.

The courts are trying, of course. At least they seem to be trying to work with the law instead of against it.

So why this litany of problems? What good will it do? Well, I saw someone today asking why don’t the protesters just stop already. This is why. Our country is a laughing stock, but what’s worse, it’s in the hands of incompetent bunglers who are going to destroy this nation environmentally, financially and morally before they cut and run with their ill gotten gains.

Every one of them is making money on this deal. You turn a government into a business and you’re left with business decisions.

The Republicans are starting to feel the backlash. Good. Keep up the pressure. This administration needs to be indicted, impeached and dismantled before America is damaged so badly it will take decades to recover.



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  1. SOEUS didn’t know that teacher had to buy their own supplies??????

    Comment by cap ho — February 14, 2017 @ 10:48 am |Reply

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