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March 4, 2014

Praying for Peace

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The situation in Ukraine seems to be about to blow, or it was the last time I checked the news today.  Although I’ve never lived in Ukraine, I have had a soft spot for the country and it’s people since 1988 when the Ukrainian Church made me an honorary Ukrainian to thank me for a series of articles I wrote on what was then the “Church Underground” in the USSR.  They meant it as a gesture, but I’ve taken it quite seriously over the years.  


I pray for peace and sanity every day.  I hope that international pressure will check Putin’s plans for invasion.  But as Nelson Mandela once observed, “Intervention only works when the people concerned seem to be keen for peace.”  Of course, Putin would most likely object to my choice of verbs, but last I checked, Ukraine was still an autonomous nation.  I don’t trust Putin or his intentions.  Who does?


Much has been written about the political ramifications of the crisis in Ukraine, and that’s not my intention here.  I don’t actually think it’s the US’s business to “intervene” either.  Theoretically, the UN should be taking point here, or even the EU.  Of course the US needs to be aware of what’s going on, and sending the Secretary of State to show support isn’t a bad thing, but I don’t see this as the president’s “responsibility” at all.  That’s the kind of attitude that gets the US in trouble all the time.


Of course, this is never an easy choice for the US.  We get slammed for intervening, and then we get slammed for not intervening soon enough and saving lives.  Basically, whatever the US does will be “wrong” in someone’s book. So I have better things to think about right now.


But I just want to send some words of support and let the people of Ukraine know that Americans are aware. We’re praying and advocating for pressure on Russia. 


Бог з тобою і відправити вам миру і безпеки (thank you Google Translate)


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