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December 5, 2013

Eating Crow and it’s NOT Delicious

Earlier today, I posted a blog, written in part with my cousin,  with incorrect information.  It is now taken down, but I’m still angry, at me, and at the reality.

I apologizing for disseminating misinformation. I should have fact checked more carefully.

Noting the post, a friend commented on my facebook,

actually you, or your cousin, should get your facts straight… MSNBC never suspended Bashir.. they did however suspend and then fire Alec Baldwin for a gay slur. Bashir did NOT say Palin was full of sh*t.. instead he suggested that she should have someone urinate and defecate IN HER MOUTH! this is why he was ultimately (i’m assuming forced) to resign. the fact that you twist the story, and that not one liberal female or female group defended palin from this disgusting attack speaks volumes I do believe.

I totally agree with him.

So, Martin Bashir is just as bad as Rush Limbaugh, and the fact that I didn’t even hear about the Sarah Palin comments, and no one jumped to her defense is despicable, as well.

I’ve read the transcript of his comments, and they are vile.

The fact that it took 19 days for his resignation is a travesty.

I may not agree with Palin, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a human. No one should be tortured. No one. Can we no longer respect people with whom we disagree? And if we don’t respect people’s intelligence, must we belittle and berate them?

Bashir’s comments were totally disproportionate to anything Palin said to spark his “anger” (much of which I suspect was manufactured for the same reason Limbaugh manufactures his “rage”–ratings and shock value).

Actually, this entire incident (the Palin-Bashir one, not my posting) underscores the terrible state of American “journalism”. I no longer watch television “news” as it’s neither true nor real news. It’s infotainment at best, pure fiction at worst.  I ferret out news sources on both sides of the political spectrum because both sides have an agenda. The truth is in there somewhere, but digging it out takes time.

There was an excellent article in The New Yorker a few years ago, “America is a Joke” which I highly recommend for its discussion of the creation of media narrative and who controls “news” in this country.

But frankly, and I think most readers realize this about me, I’m disgusted with both the Right and the Left.  Pubic discourse in this country has denigrated to the point where both sides hurl insults at the other side and people shrug it off.

I responded to the comments about Pope Francis because they were just so ignorant of the basic precepts of Christianity.

But people have become so entrenched in supporting their “side” that partisan politics have trumped reason. I’m constantly reminded of Emerson’s “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.”

I’ve been thinking about Emerson a lot lately. As he said in “Self-Reliance,” where that quote is from, if our culture is not true, if it promulgates lies, we should not follow it. He called for a social revolution.  So do I.


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