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November 13, 2013

Americans are Helping People

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Studies have proven over and over again, Americans are some of the most charitable people on earth. And scarily, for me, at least, the less one has in America, the more likely one is to give.

Well, right now there are some people who need our help, the folks in the Philippines hit by Typhoon Haiyan. Over 150,000 are homeless or devastated and scrambling.


Below I provide some links so people can help.


A lot of people I know don’t like to help foreigners, not because they are mean spirited, but because they believe in helping close to home. That’s all good.  Give something to a local aid organization to help neighbors. Every little bit in the pot helps.


Of course, this is the time of the year it seems as if everyone has a hand out.  We live in a world of enormous need, and most of the people in my life are people of quite moderate means–I tend to hang out with students, artists, people in the helping fields–we’re all broke half the time!  But gifts don’t need to be monetary. Donate things that are in good shape instead of throwing them out. Shop online using the iGive link so that merchants donate to the charity of your choice. Pray or send good thoughts, whatever fits your beliefs.  That takes nothing but time.


I have many Filipino friends and former students, so I am hoping to scrape together something to send, but since so many people read this, I thought I’d post a reminder here. A little signal boost can’t hurt. I know the message is out there, but hey, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say something, right? I am, at heart, a pushy broad.


As promised, here are some links to help those in the Philippines. Choose one of these organizations which have already mobilized, or google for the charity of your choice:



World Vision, a Christian humanitarian aid organization

American Jewish World Service

OXFAM America


International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

FAHSI, an organization of Filipino-Americans

Catholic Relief Services

And here is a link to NBC news’s list of resources


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