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October 16, 2013

Good Question

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What do you do

When democracy fails you?

What do you do

When the rest can’t see it’s true?


What do you do

When democracy is through?

~ from “What Do You Do” by Charles Stobo Reid & Craig Morris Reid

These are words from a song by a Scottish duo, The Proclaimers. Heard it on the radio today and almost wept.  The song is about Scotland and its desire for independence, but you know what? This is perfect for America right now.

I voted in a special senate race today. Why? Because even though I’m sure the system is broken, that the Legislature is so corrupted by corporate influence that my vote means very little, I still have to participate in the charade in the hopes, the barest hope, that I’m wrong.

The one “good” thing about the government shut down is that people are becoming much more vocal in their disgust with the government. I used to be singing alone. Now I’m part of a chorus.

I felt very daring a few months ago saying that we needed revolution. I am serious. This country needs a revolution to overthrow the corruption in Washington.  I am calling for a bloodless revolution. They have happened in history before (England 1688), but they are rare.

Am I afraid? Yes and no. Revolutions are never comfortable. But neither is the state of my nation. Change is scary, so in that sense, yes, I’m afraid. I don’t want to see people die. I don’t. But people in this country are not known for being shy of violence. I don’t agree with it, but there it is.

Bleak thoughts, I know, but honest.

So glad I came home for the last days of America.

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