The Broad is Back!

October 31, 2012


I am a New Yorker. And Sandy came and said hello. The bitch.

I can’t even really be glib about it. My hometown has suffered terribly.  Not as badly as New Jersey. Not as badly as NOLA during Katrina. but things are pretty bad.

Lots of “unprecedenteds” in the news this week.

My heart cracks a little when I see the pictures. I haven’t taught all week–school is cancelled–so I can’t check on my students.  Many have checked in with me, but so many haven’t. Are they safe? Have they lost their homes?  Too many questions.

A good thing is that I’m here, not far away. If I were in Europe for this, the worrying would be much worse. I know this from experience.

I was as prepared as I could be–water, food, candles, batteries, first aid supplies. Luckily, I barely needed any of it.  I spent much of the actual storm tweeting and on Facebook, trying to disseminate information.  I have friends who have children here, so they were worried.  It wasn’t much, but I felt like I was helping. It kept me calm and focused.  I am the type who has to do something during a problem, even if it’s just give news.

I’m still calm and back to work grading and preparing, even if I’m not in the classroom.  But the stress is taking its toll.  I’m tired, fighting a cold, achy.  I blame Sandy for it all. I suspect New York is going to be plagued with Sandy-related problems for quite a while.

The tone of this is somber. Disjointed, even.  But it’s a blog, so I’m not too worried about essay form.  And I think it’s rather a good snapshot of my current emotional state.

It could have been so much worse, I know. But it was bad.

Prayers and love to all those in Sandy’s path, from the Bahamas through Maine. I think that’s where she fizzled out.

Now to the work of cleaning up.

One final note. The Red Cross needs your money and your blood.  You can find ways to help at their website here. I don’t have money, and they won’t take my European-tainted blood (I was there the Mad Cow years), but there are other ways to help.  There are several choices listed on this page.




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