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June 5, 2010

Once more into the breach

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I haven’t had the energy to write in a long while thanks to a grueling teaching schedule. But I keep giving this address to students, so I guess I should post something here.

Oddly, after three full years back here in the US, I’m still experiencing culture shock. Or maybe “re-entry shock”? All I know is that America changed rapidly in the years I was gone. And I changed, as well. I’ve gained much distance, so I still see things differently.

Most of these observations are in education, since that’s my field. But the oddest things will set me off, and I’ll think, “I need to write about that.” And then I never do.  But I want to get back to it if just to have a venue to speak my thoughts.

So many things happening.  The BP crisis of all things is what draws my attention.  It’s not just the horror of the spillage.  It’s the total pig headedness on the parts of Americans to wean themselves from oil dependence.  It’s dinosaur juice for cripe’s sake.  It’s not unlimited.  The spill is not unprecedented. The scale is, but come on. We’re a disaster waiting to happen. Oh wait, it happened.  But then there’s the yelling and the blame.  I say fix the damn thing first then get all retrospective.  Bad policies all around got us here, but can we concentrate on fixing things first?

That’s off my chest, but there’s more.  And it will be coming out sooner than later.  Thanks to the economy, the summer classes I depend on were not forthcoming, so I’m basically unemployed. So I’ve got plenty of time on my hands.  Just wish I wasn’t so worried about the ability to pay rent.  We all know how distracting being poor can be. 

So on that cheery note, let me go off to ponder which topic to address first. See you soon.


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