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October 15, 2008

Notes on watching a debate

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For me, for the first time there was a clear winner to one of this year’s presidential debates. Barack Obama blew John McCain out of the water. McCain promised to “whip” Obama’s “you-know-what” tonight, but I don’t think he did. And I’m feeling marginally better about what might happen in November.

But watching CNN, a panel of undecided voters in the Ohio, 10 people actually thought McCain won. I spend most of my life not seeing things the way everyone else does, and I guess I missed the boat on this one.

The debate was the only interesting one of the three we’ve had this year. But now it’s over, and the first pundit is a Republican saying McCain was great tonight. Even the Democrat is saying McCain was strong. Did we watch the same debate? I was annoyed at him earlier than 30 minutes. My first comment was that he was smirking! The pundits keep calling Obama “professorial” like that’s a bad thing. I think I’m taking umbrage. What’s wrong with being a professor? I swear, it isn’t easy being a professor in this society, but that’s a soapbox for another time.

This time, I don’t really have anything solid and thematic to say tonight—no unified essay with a thesis statement like I’m always pounding my students for. So I’m just going to share some of my thoughts with you. Don’t worry. I’ve edited them. I actually wrote a lot more than you’ll see!

So without further ado, notes on watching a debate:

9:02, watching CNN

Mc Cain is smirking. I am so sick of smirking.

I’m sitting here, listening to McCain, and I can tell he’s twisting words. And “class warfare”? What’s that about? He’s taking things out of context. And he’s not looking good in this matching.

Candidates are “ignoring reality”. Good point, Mr. Schieffer. Obama won on that one. McCain is being inarticulate. I like how Schieffer is getting in there and asking “which programs are you going to cut?” McCain’s just repeating his “I’m gonna fight pork barrel spending”. He’s repeating himself from earlier debates.

Just realized that CNN has a delay on the debate. Watching it on the internet is a few beats ahead.

Oh, Obama is laughing at him. And there’s a good reason for that. Things the CNN fact checkers said are false at the last debate McCain is repeating again.

Oh good! He just got called on it with Obama making a funny aside about FOX.

Oh, I love this man, Obama. He’s so smart. He’s so sharp. I love intelligence. Senator McCain is looking terrible. He is so losing this debate.

OH! Mudslinging is being brought up! I LOVE Schieffer! First person with gonads to be moderator. OH YOU ARE A LIAR! You will run a truthful campaign my arse. [Later note: guess who I was talking to?]

I don’t like the fact that neither one of them are apologizing, if not to one another, to the American public. Both sides are doing slinging mud.

I AM SO ANGRY! How can that man sit there smirking when Obama is talking about people threatening to kill him at Palin rallies? Such an inappropriate response. Military Wives for McCain, veterans for McCain. Hey Mister! You are clouding the issue with emotionalism.  Do you think Americans are that dumb? [Of course, too many are, so these ploys work.]

He doesn’t get it. He just doesn’t get it. OK, I’m obviously prejudiced, but I think Obama is just so much more presidential in his aspect. I’m loving his laugh. I’m loving his smile. McCain is so obviously grasping at straws. And he’s ignoring facts. He’s beating a dead horse, and he’s making his campaign and himself look stupid.

That’s what I was watching for, to see if they’d pay attention to the elephant in the room. They did, or were forced to, and I’m sorry McCain, you just did not come across like a president. You came across as a petulant child.

What I like about Schieffer is that he asks specific questions. I like that because I want to hear the answers, too. But I also like that because McCain does a lousy job of answering them. OK, so Obama’s not doing so well on this, either. He’s repeating things he’s said before and I’m tired of hearing the of the same thing over and over. But I do like the points he made about NAFTA.

So my mind is starting to wander. I’m watching the debate on line because my TV was starting to black out. There’s an ad on the site that says “Obama’s IQ is 130! Are you smarter than Barack?” How do they know that’s his IQ? I don’t think I like that ad. I know my IQ is higher than his. Not by much, but I certainly don’t feel smarter. Where’d those points get me? He’s running for president of the US. I’m sitting in my living room blogging about it to an audience of what, 40 or 50 if I’m really lucky? I’m a part time teacher.  So IQ is certainly no measurement, eh?

Oh, there’s that Hoover reference again! A student reminded me of Hoovervilles. I’d forgotten that subtext.

Health insurance. That’s something that I care about. Here’s an e-mail I wrote to my mother last week: “just went and double-checked what insurance would cost me.  The cheapest I could get that covered doctors was an HMO plan at $887.85 PER MONTH.

“That’s a grand total of $10,654.20 a year.

“There was a hospital plan for about 127/month, but that ONLY covered hospitalization, so what’s the point?    Can you believe it?  PER MONTH!  If I could afford that, I could afford medical care.  I could put it in a savings account each month and STILL come out ahead each year.”

McCain’s not saying anything that’s going to impress me. And as you can see above, $5000 isn’t helping me.  I can’t afford the premiums even if they were $5000 less.  So, no health care for me yet.

Spread the wealth could also mean that Joe is getting some of the money that the really wealthy companies, though of course, I’m pretty sick of Joe Plumber.  Is he the cleaned up Joe Sixpack?

How can McCain put cosmetic surgery and transplants in the same sentence? I’m sorry, that is just plain upsetting. I have a good friend who had a transplant. I had a dear cousin die because she didn’t have a transplant. Oh, you are getting me mad.  Face lifts and transplants are fru fru?

THANK YOU! Someone is finally saying something about preventing unwanted pregnancy. No one is pro-abortion. Health of the mother, so that’s just a loophole for women who want abortions? I’m starting to broil.

Education—you’re singing my song. I want to hear the words parental responsibility. I want to hear the words higher pay. I did. I don’t hear responsibility. I like the community service. PARENTS. I LOVE THIS MAN. YES, YES, YES!!!

Equal access my arse. I spend my summers teaching AOP students. Bright kids, wonderful kids, kids I love who did not have equal access. My students at BMCC did not all have equal access.  Come talk to my kids about equal access.  They will hoot you down in a New York minute!  And I love them, too.

Don’t tell me he just said NO certification for teachers? I will have to check the transcript.  We need higher standards for teachers.  Believe me, I teach future teachers.  They need standardized exams!

We don’t have a TRADITION of schools being local. We have a Constitutional requirement to that end. According the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, anything not specifically addressed as the federal government’s responsibility is a responsibility that belongs to the state. The Federal government should be less involved in education. No Child Left Behind was unconstitutional. It should not be reauthorized.

Dragging out the autistic children as the puppies to get people to “open their wallets” is just sickening.

Invoking a “long line of McCain’s” oh Lordy! I liked Obama’s closing statements. And the boys made nice and shook hands and McCain went out of his way to make nice with Michelle Obama.

I am happy.

So that’s it.  Not my best piece of writing, I admit, but lately I am speechless.



  1. Yo…mine is more of a rant, and less specific.

    I think that McCain is a fraud, and not a very good one, at that. I think that he is mean-spirited, and I don’t think that his heart is right, at all. I think that Palin is a bigger idiot than anybody in the entire Universe.

    Hehehehe…Of course you know me, nothing but a big ole misanthrope, anyway.

    Comment by kelly — October 15, 2008 @ 11:35 pm |Reply

  2. Thank You!!

    You caught the “face lifts and transplants” line as well as his thing about no certification for teachers.

    I haven’t heard anyone else mention these two things, but I was freaking out when I heard it on the debate last night.

    Comment by meg — October 16, 2008 @ 8:30 pm |Reply

  3. And thank you for the validation. Nice o see I’m not the only one who freaks out at these things!

    Comment by maggiec — October 16, 2008 @ 8:41 pm |Reply

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