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October 13, 2008

McCain and Palin’s Tacit Sedition

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Yesterday I wrote about the possibility of real violence thanks to this year’s level of mudslinging.  And the more I think of it, the more I realize that Senator McCain and Governor Palin are guilty of sedition: incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority.  As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama is not a lawful authority yet.  But as Senator Barack Obama of Illinois he is a member of one of the highest governing bodies of this land.  Encouraging people to kill a senator is sedition in my book.

While McCain and Palin have not openly called for assassination, they have given their tacit approval to the direction of their campaign.

John Cory, a Vietnam veteran like McCain, summed up McCain’s culpability quite brilliant in his essay on I urge you to read it in its entirety.  It’s one of those brilliant essays that manages to crystalize everything one is thinking into concise prose.  I’m left thinking, “I wish I had written that!”

This is Cory on McCain’s “defense” of Obama this past week:

This is not a moment for you to be proud of in this campaign. Garnering credit for coming to the defense of Senator Obama is like an arsonist claiming heroism for saving lives after having set fire to the building in the first place.

I already have great fears about these two winning the election.  I used to fear McCain winning, but now I see that Palin is the worse threat.  McCain had the grace to look upset over the results of his campaign’s direction.  Perhaps there is some honor left in the man.  I used to respect both McCain and Palin.  I didn’t agree with their politics, but I thought they were honorable people.  Not any longer.

Sedition is a serious crime.  In many ways, it’s worse than treason because you’re whipping up the mob with sedition.  And the mob right now could turn very ugly.

If it’s not sedition, just the fact that they are not vehemently jumping to Senator Obama’s defense is reprehensible.   Just watching footage of McCain and Palin’s response to the hate they are whipping up is nauseating.  They smile, smirk is more like it, and wave and “don’t hear” what’s being said around them.  Calling for someone’s death is a scary thing.

I think I’ve just worked myself up into a passion.  Usually writing calms me down and lets me order my thinking, but not today.  I am now off to write to my senators and congressmen to tell them what I think about McCain and Palin’s sedition.  Watch, I’ll be the one who gets into trouble!


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