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June 26, 2008

A eureka moment

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I’m currently teaching a concentrated summer course with lots of terrific students, so I have no spare time because I’m swamped with that. Hence, no more new posts. But this just came to me when responding to a student’s reading journal, and I needed to write it down.

The political rhetoric in this country is mind-numbing. I think that’s part of the problem for the American people. Their minds are numbed.

It’s that simple. So many politicians use the same hackneyed phrases to discuss deep, complicated issues that they’ve managed to bore us to ennui.

OK, so I know this is reductionist, simplistic and probably not even true. But I’m stumped.

I’ve been back in the States for a year now, and I’m more discouraged than ever. What’s happened to the American people? I’m generalizing, of course, as there are millions of active, thinking Americans out there. I’ve met a number of them since I’ve been back. But after teaching a ratio of about 100 zombies to 20 live sparks this year, I’m concerned. I’m beyond concerned.

Got to get back to my grad students, who have certainly bolstered my faith in American education, but more on this to come!


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