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February 29, 2008

Fed up and disgusted

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Been meaning to write for a while, but just keep getting side tracked.  But I had to write today.  How often does February 29th come along?  Every four years, I know, but it’s fun to write today just for the date.

Anyway, when Kucinich quit the race, I was sad.  I didn’t really like anyone else.  But then I realized that the media had taken over the presidential race, deciding who would win, and there went the rights of the people to decide, right down the toilet.

Newspapers and television have been declaring the race decided since Super Tuesday.  And that became a self-fulfilling prophecy.  I watch half-heartedly watch CNN in the mornings while at the gym.  It turns my stomach–it’s nothing but entertainment.  I love entertainment, but not when it’s supposed to be news.  Pundits declaring their opinions as truth is just a bunch of hot air as far as I’m concerned.  Don’t predigest things for me.  I have a working brain, thank you, and so do a lot of Americans.  Plenty more would think if allowed to excercise the skill. 

I realize the irony.  I’m punditing here, aren’t I?  And of course I think I’m telling the truth.  But then I’m smart (that’s tongue in cheek!).  No, the difference is I do want people to start to think for themselves and wrest the running of the country away from the big businesses and big media.  When did I become such a class warrior? 

Obscene amounts of money are being spent on the various campaign, and I mean that literally.  Children are starving in America.  Old people go without food, heat and health care.  Schools crumble for lack of money.  But we spend millions and millions on a race that’s not even a race.  It’s smoke and mirrors staged to keep the masses believing that they live in a democracy.

I voted on Super Tuesday, for the person I thought was the best choice of the choices I had left. 

What scares me is that I’m an optimist!  I want to think the best of humans, though I admit, I know better.  One thing that I’m convinced of is that America is a mess. 

I leave the country for 12 years and this is what happens?  I can’t turn my back on you for a minute–look at what you get up to!

Because I’m an optimist, I voted for Obama.  I don’t agree with his current position on health care, and I don’t think he has the experience yet.  But maybe he can give this country the infusion of hope it sorely needs.  I know I saw my students excited about politics for the first time ever.  There were lively discussions about the primaries before Super Tuesday.  Talk has died down now, but then again, we are hurtling towards midterms, much more important for college students than elections.

So hope, a much needed commodity.  Here’s hoping for it.


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